Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Balanced Life Programme

Apologies for a boring RSD post, feel free to skip it. Makeupy things will resume tomorrow; hopefully with a haul!

Today I went to my opt in session for the Balanced life pain management programme. Its a three week pain management programme thats meant to help people come to terms with chronic pain and the fact that there is no "cure".

The session went as follows; we were collected at reception and taken into a room. The entire time we were walking there all I could think was "I don't belong here; these people are so old" I was the only person there under the age of 50!
Once we were in the room we all introduced ourselves. I was chatting to a man who was very sceptical about the programme but at least he was a bit younger than some of the participants!

After that there were some stretches and we talked about how our pain affects our lives for a bit before discussing general organisational things about the programme and how it will work.

It focusses quite a lot on mindfulness/meditation/relaxation which I have to say are things that I've never been good at in the past but we'll see how it goes!

The one exciting thing is that the NHS are putting me up in a BnB in an area which is quite quirky and full of lots of cafes, charity shops and gift shops so I'm quite looking forward to exploring them.

So that was my day today; I'm sure more updates about the programme will appear here but you're free to ignore them if you want!