Thursday, 29 March 2012


Be Warned This post does contain a photo of me wearing a facemask, those who are squeamish look away now!

Recently I tried the Lush "Cupcake" Fresh Facemask (retailing at 35.75 for 75g) which is designed for oily skin. I think I'll let the lush website describe what they intended before I go on to share my thoughts.

The serious side of this mask has linseed infusion to nourish and soften the skin, fresh mint for toning, cocoa butter to moisturise and rhassoul mud to absorb grease and give a deep cleanse
The lighthearted side of this mask has cocoa powder, vanilla absolute and spearmint oil - because we wanted this to bring all the comfort of a chocolate bar.  Well, a chocolate bar that doesn’t cause spots, of course!

Now I didn't massively like the smell of this facemask when I was scooping it out of the pot but I couldn't really smell it once it was on my face. As it dried it tightened which was slightly uncomfortable and it was a bit of a nightmare to wash off.

BUT on the plus side it has reduced the redness of my hormonal breakout and left my skin oil free and incredibly soft and it hasn't caused further breakouts unlike previous facemasks I've used so I'm very impressed.

Have you ever tried a lush facemask?

Now for the dreaded photo (not quite sure why I look so miserable so apologies for that!)


  1. I love this face mask. I use a wet flannel to remove it, I find it easier. Cometi catastrophe I think its called thst is good too, its a blueberry one. X

    1. ooh I love blueberries; currently eating white chocolate and blueberry hotel chocolat! must give that one a try x