Friday, 16 March 2012


Family dynamics are funny aren't they. In my house there are essentially four adults and it makes for some very interesting situations at times.

At the moment I'm having some real struggles with my mum. She's one of those people who wants to solve everything and thinks that if she drags me off to a private physio or an acupuncurist or a herbalist or (insert just about anything here!) then it will be a magic bullet and this will all go away. I'm seeing the best pain rehab physio in the country at the best hospital and they are doing all they can so on their advice I don't need to see another private physio who isn't a specialist.

More to the point, I'm an adult and its my decision who I want to see shouting at me; badgering me and calling me a "pathetic person who wants to stay this way" isn't going to make me change my mind (in fact it will probably have the opposite effect to be honest!)

I find people telling me what I have to do in my life hard because I'm just not used to it, I lived alone for two years before all this. Mum on the other hand finds the RSD hard. She thinks if we/ actually I work harder then suddenly it'll get better. I think its because people, including her don't understand it;; a) its a CHRONIC problem meaning it can't just be cured, b) because it affects the brain people think its psychosomatic and also they don't get that its not just a physical thing, there are also problems with my nervous system and my brain and c) just because I'm on strong drugs doesn't mean that I'm taking too many, I'm on the bare minimum and I'm still in a great deal of pain so suggesting that I should cut down on my medication or telling me off for taking them at the dinner table or in public is not helpful..

Its really difficult at home at the moment, anything to do with RSD starts an argument, sometimes even seeing me on crutches and to be honest I don't really know what to do about it, my physio has offered to talk to her but that just led to another rant on how I'm not pushing myself.

Anyone got any tips on dealing with family situations?

On the plus side I got new crutches with moulded handles today so maybe my hand creams will become an indulgence rather than a necessity!!

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