Thursday, 15 March 2012

Hand Cream

The thing about crutches is that they absolutely destroy your hands.
Don't worry I'm not about to show you pictures of the blisters, callouses and just general mess that is my hands at the moment but I'm telling you this to explain the necessity to me of hand cream.

While all of these hand creams are great I find that they all have their strengths and weaknesses so I thought I would share my opinion of those.

Body Shop Vitamin E Hand and Nail Treatment -£8 (75ml)

This is a pale pink formula which is easily absorbed into the skin although it does leave behind a slight residue on top of the skin. The nice thing about this cream is that it purports to work on nails as well and who doesn't want stronger nails?!

Now to the downsides. It has a "medicinal" smell and its one that I'm not massively keen on as I prefer my hand creams to smell as luxurious as they feel. Also I wonder if the price is a little excessive.

All in all this is a good hand cream which is capable of tackling all but the dryest or most chapped bits of my hands.

Dove Indulgent Nourishment Hand Cream with Shea Butter -£3.49 (75ml)

 Now this is my handbag hand cream. I primarily bought it because it was one of the few hand creams I could find that didn't smell "medicinal".

The cream itself is white and not overly thick but it absorbs easily into the hands. Although it smells strongly of shea butter when it is applied the smell soon fades. Now while I wish it wouldn't there may be some people who don't like their hands smelling different to the rest of them!

I think this is very reasonably priced and while again it may not tackle any real bits of damage its a good all round hand cream.

Burts Bees Thouroughly Theraputic Honey and Grapeseed Oil Hand Cream*

This is my before bed hand cream. Its lovely and thick and you only need a little bit of it to coat your entire hands. It absorbs very easily into the hands without leaving any residue.

To me the smell is initially a little strong but it soon mellows out into a warm, sweet slightly herby smell. This cream can tackle all but the worst bits of damage on my hands.

Burts Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream*

This is a very thick cream with a lovely sweet smell of almonds. Like the other Burts Bees cream it absorbs very easily into the skin. The only problem I have with this cream is that its in a tub which makes it difficult to get cream out without it getting stuck under your nails!

Burts Bees Hand Salve*

This is a solid oil which melts on contact with the skin. I find that rather than applying it all over the entire hand it is best to just apply it to the most damaged bits of skin as it is quite rich. This cream can clear up my blisters and cracks in no time and is my go to cream for any serious damage.

 Do any of you have a favourite Hand Cream or a Hand Cream recommendation?

*(I haven't commented on any Burts Bees price points because I came across all of the creams as part of the Tips and Toes Kit RRP £12.99)


  1. have the same burts bees salve. i am recently hooked on taking care of my hands ! :D

  2. Me too! so tempted to buy the full sized burts bees one

  3. Maddy, have you ever thought of trying Hand Food by Soap & Glory? I swear by it. I'm a student nurse, my hands are destroyed by constant washing and alcohol gels, but Hand Food really helps rehydrate them.
    Or, my Mum swears by the Body Shop's Hemp Hand Cream I bought her for Christmas, and I know another nurse does too, it's heavy duty stuff so you only need a little, it comes in a metallic-y tube with a twist on lid, also worth trying.
    Devon xx

    1. Devon, Thank you so much for the tip. I'll pick them up next time I can get to the shop. Also, I wanted to say I love your blog! xx