Sunday, 25 March 2012

Honey Bee

I recently made my first foray into Lush and boy oh boy have I been missing out. If for no other reason than their customer service; I was shown so many different demonstrations without a hint of pressure to buy. But oh boy did I want to!

I've got lots of goodies to share with you but the one I'll start with is the Honey Bee Bath Bomb.

When tired achy me dropped this into my bath it immediately started fizzing and turned the water a deep golden yellow. The smell was amazing, it was honey sweet but with a deepness that comes from the essential oils.

This Bath Bomb was indulgent  and lovely not just because of the scent and the joy of wallowing in a perfumed bath but also because when I got out of the bath even before applying my moisturiser my skin was baby soft. This is no mean feat because I'd spent an hour in a heavily chlorinated hydrotherapy pool earlier in the day!

Now at £3.10 this wasn't exactly the cheapest bath I've ever had but I think it was well worth the money for the way it left me relaxed and how smooth my skin was. I'll definitely be going back to Lush for this and other bathtime treats!

What's your favourite Lush Product?


  1. My favourite product..well products are 1) theres a pink and white bath bomb that smells like blueberry/raspberry bubblegum..mmmm and my 2nd has to be their little shower bombs. Never seen anything like them anywhere and adds something different to a boring old shower.

    Elle xx

    1. They both sound so cool. I didn't see the shower bombs in the shop so I'm heading over to the website now to check them out!
      Maddy xx

  2. I love lush stuff ... the shops always make me sneeze but there products are sooo lovely. The lips scrubs are really nice.

    1. Yeah its a bit strong when you first go in istn' it. I've got a lip scrub, the bubblegum one that I'm trying at the moment.
      Maddy x