Thursday, 12 April 2012


 After trying out the Rimmel lip tints and liking them; although not being overly impressed with how long they lasted I thought it was time to give one of the maybelline ones a go.

The one I chose to test was the Colorsensational lipmarker in Tender Rose.

 Here it is swatched on my hand and on my lips.

I found this very easy to apply as it is shaped like a felt tip and you just draw it onto your lips. The colour was a sort of bitten lips rosiness perfect for a natural daytime look.
When you apply this there is a quite strong sweet smell which some people may not like (I did) and it didn't last terribly long.
The colour faded evenly after about 3 hours and I didn't find these drying despite them not coming with a lip balm.

Overall I'm quite impressed with this; It'll be interesting to see if the brighter colour I have is also as good.

What do you think? do you prefer these of the Rimmel ones.


  1. I'm intrigued by these. Nice to hear they aren't drying! x

    1. They're pretty good. Boyfriend likes them because they don't transer onto anyone or anything! x

  2. such a cute lipcolour on you!!

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