Thursday, 10 May 2012


Now I mentioned Buyapowa in my last but one post and I thought I'd go into a bit of detail on them just in case you haven't already discovered this fabulous website. If you have you'll already be nodding along to this!

Essentially Buyapowa is a place where you can buy things for a discount! They offer up Co-Buys and the more people that  buy them the cheaper the price becomes for everyone. You can also request things you would like to see as Co-Buys. It really is that simple, no catch. Also, their customer service is amazing; best I've ever seen.

Here's their official explanation of co-buying to elucidate you after my more rambling one.

BuyaPowa secures amazing deals allowing us to drop the price as more people join the deal...

We call it co-buying. Each co-buy lasts for only a few hours and we only ever have a limited number of each product to sell.
Once you join a co-buy your purchase is guaranteed but you'll have the opportunity to drive the price down by bringing other buyers.
We make it super easy to tell anyone who you think may be interested. Facebook is great for spreading the word, Twitter brilliant for soliciting timely action, and email perfect for targeting specific people.
And the better you are at bringing in other buyers the greater the rewards. Use the leaderboard to see how successful you are at bringing in other buyers. If you top the chart at the end of the co-buy, you could get your product for free.
As you can probably tell, we love securing exciting products at exciting prices for our co-buys. We also love hearing from you if you've spotted a product you think deserves a co-buy.
To make it easy we've designed a special bookmark for you. Drag our BuyaPowa button into your browser bar and then whenever you spot a product you like - but at a price you don't - just hit the button.
We'll ask you for the price you would like to pay, then it's over to us to do the rest. We'll group together requests and, as soon as we have enough demand, we will set up a co-buy. You'll be the first to know when it goes live...
My only warning is it does make it very easy to spend money you hadn't planned to!
Do You use Buyapowa? What do you think?

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