Sunday, 20 May 2012

Day 5- Your Favourite Makeup Brand

To do this post I started by looking through my makeup basket for the products that I use every day. One brand stood out... 

Now I'm not going to pretend that I own anywhere near the amount of makeup that some people do ( I only own two small baskets full) but out of that lot a surprising number is The Body Shop.

 I think the quality of them is always good and I know that they've been ethically made and tested even though if I remember rightly they are owned by Nestle who don't have the greatest record. Their Brushes are also great, Bodyshop Brushes were the first ones I ever bough and I still use them. The best thing is if you buy things online they have sales on so often that you never pay full price!

Now for the list of products!

2 Eyeliners (brown and black)
2 Shimmer Cubes (green and neutrals)
3 Lipglosses
3 Lip Tints
1 Shimmer Waves (Blush)
2 Baked Eyeshadows

Whats your favourite Brand? Does ethics play a part in your decision?

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