Sunday, 6 May 2012

Hunger Games Nail Polishes

I have to admit that I almost didn't buy these polishes, I hate movie tie ins with a passion don't ask me why! However, I decided that it was really stupid of me to deny myself some gorgeous polishes just for some half baked principle. Although I did order these from the US all the polishes cost me $20 so I don't even think they were all that expensive.

Now for the bit you've all been waiting for... the swatches! (everything is slightly more shiny than it appears, darn camera!)

Bottom to Top Stone Cold; Harvest Moon: Luxe and Lush; Smoke and Ashes


Now unfortunately I've only swatched these and cannot comment on their wear time but they were lovely to apply and opaque after two coats.

Do you have any of the Hunger Games Nailpolishes?

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  1. That's a great price, I really want luxe and lush. Looks gorgeous and very versatile! Xx