Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Thoughts after the First Week

Now, a while ago I mentioned that I was going to be taking part in the "Balanced life Programme". I've just finished my first week and I wanted to note down my thoughts.
The first day I can say without a doubt was awful! I sat there all morning being told that I had to listen to my body and learn my limits and that I could kiss goodbye to any hope of a real/ demanding job; that I would never be able to raise kids without help from social services and that basicly I should give up on anything that didn't involve sitting at home staring at a screen! Which is easier to hear if you're in your 50s and 60s and you've done your living. Not when you're 21 and you haven't even had a chance yet. This was followed by stretches where no attempt was made to adapt them to my needs. The only good bit of the day was the relaxatioon session where we lay down and followed a guided meditation.

The second day started with me having a bit of a cry to the woman in charge who persuaded me to stick it out (she said the first woman had different views to her about expectations etc.) and I do have to admit it got better. We had a session on CBT which was really relevant, the stretches and exercises were tailored to my needs and in the hydro pool despite it hurting like hell I managed to make some small steps. In fact I did so much work on this day that I went home and threw up! (sorry to you sensitive viewers out there)

The third and final day was also good we had a lesson on the science of pain which was very interesting and although I was too sore from the second day to do most of the exercises I could do the stretches and some time in the hydro pool. Although unfortunately not much as my foot just couldn't take it! I also sat out of the meditation (I just wasn't in the mood to be alone with my thoughts after three days either alone in a BnB or surrounded by older people who only wanted to talk about their problems!)

I've spent the rest of the time very sore and as I write this on the eve of returning for the next week I'm filled with trepidation as it is the lady who did the first day of the programme who will be in charge of us all week. So wish me luck and pray for me because I'm not going to sit there and be told all that crap (excuse me!) again! However I am going to stick this out; I owe it to everyone who has tried to help me and seems to think its the best place for me to be!

Apologies for this long post which is totally un beauty related and I promise normal service will be resumed soon!


  1. That first lady sounds so unhelpful! I'm glad you were able to enjoy the rest of the week though. Good luck for this time round; if she's horrible to you, you should say so. No one should tell you you can't live the life you want to!
    S xx

    1. Thank you so much. You're exactly right she's not the sort of person they should have running this sort of programme if thats what she thinks!
      Thank you for your lovely comment
      M xx

  2. aww thats awful that woman sounds mean! Glad you stuck it out though good luck x

    1. yeah she wasn't the nicest person in the world, maybe thats why 5 people dropped out! x