Monday, 11 June 2012

Day 16- Your Favourite Body Lotion

Yet again this is something that I'm not the best at doing. I apply body lotion when I've showered (which is once every other day so its not like I smell or at least I hope I don't!) but I definitely don't apply it every day!

Saying that I do think there's something lovely about applying the perfumed lotion to your skin; it only takes two minutes but it feels really self indulgent!

I thought I'd tell you about two of my favourite body lotions, they're definitely my most used ones at any rate!

Sanctuary Daily Spa Escape: Sandelular sensuous body Souffle. 

I got this one for my birthday from my little sister in a set with a bath lotion and shower gel. The scent is hard to explain its sort of herby and rich with a hint of incense but nice incense not like you're inside a hippy shop. As the name suggests its a whipped loose texture and a little of it goes quite a long way. The scent doesn't last all that long but thats good because it doesn't interfere with other perfumes you put on. All in all this is lovely and feels like a treat when you apply it. It doesn't take very long to soak in either which is nice although I am guilty of the sin of never waiting for it to soak in before I get dressed!

Cowshed Knackered Cow Body Lotion

This lotion has quite a unique scent which I think might have people divided. Its a very herbal scent with hits of lavender and eucalyptus which I love because they're some of my favourite smells! The lotion is thicker than the sanctuary one but it still doesn't take much at all to do you whole body. This is great as well because it doesn't leave any residue on your body. I also love it because every so often I catch a waft of the scent throughout the day but again it doesn't seem to interfere with perfume. I got this as a freebie from something but I think I would repurchase it because the smell is just so lovely although it is pricy! Then again there are so many other body lotions out there so maybe not!

Do you have a favourite body lotion? What would you recommend?


  1. You should definitely try the sanctuary body butter. It smells so fresh and I love it x

    1. Oooh thanks I'll pop that on my list. Oh and I've been meaning to say thank you, the giveaway bits arrived and they're just lovely! x