Friday, 15 June 2012

Day 18- Your Favourite Lip Balm

I'm the sort of girl who always has a lip balm in her bag, there's nothing else quite like it. To be honest with you if I need a moment of calm before doing something I always pull out my lip balm and focus on applying it.

I own quite a few different ones, mostly Burts Bees I admit, I'll probably do a post comparing them all at some point. However, my favourite lip balm of all time is the Burts Bees original one. I remember when I was in school a girl I knew had it and we used to share it on the way home and admire how tingly it was.

 (apologies for the slanted picture, no matter how many times I rotate it Blogger insists that it has to be this way!)

To be honest with you, the tingliness is one of the reasons that I've ranked this above my other lip balms. The other reason is that it hydrates without feeling greasy or like its left a residue on your lips which I definitely love. The third reason is that I just love herbally scents and this has one thats up there with the best.
Most important of all though it does its job and my lips are lovely and soft after using it. Plus it has a cute picture of a bee on it!

What are your thoughts on lip balm, what's your favourite?


  1. Love Burts Bees, also Carmex lipbalms, cute blog!

    Hope you check mine out

    Gem xxx

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