Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Day 20- Your Beauty Tip for a Night Out

See the problem with this one is that I don't actually have nights out, what with being knackered, nauseous and dizzy all the time so I thought I'd give you a beauty tip for a physio session and that is quite simply.... 


 Unless of  course you want to look like this!


  1. haha! I am quite an emotional person so therefore my mascara looks like this a lot ha ha xx

    1. Aaaw Bless you! I can imagine that for some people once the alcohol kicks in they look like this as well! xx

  2. Awww bless you Maddy, well heck at least we try to look good for our hospital appointments, heck who needs nights out in cattle markets oops I mean nightclubs etc. Loving your blog, have you tried FM products, I usually hate mail order cosmetics but as we can't actually get out that much the FM brand eyeshadow is amazing! I also love Benefit but the Bad Gal mascara is a bit pants as it gives total panda eyes x