Sunday, 24 June 2012

My Free Ciate Nailpolish

I have just painted my nails with this so I can't comment on the wear but I wanted to talk a bit about the application.

This polish is the Free one I got in Marie Claire and I chose Purple Sherbert as I didn't have anything else like it.

I have mixed feelings about this nailpolish. On the one hand it was incredibly easy to apply and i didn't get it all over my fingers like I normally do. On the other hand I applied four coats and it was streaky and just a bit off. However you can only see that from far away and maybe its because its a pale colour.
Here it is with and without flash.

Without Flash

With Flash

Do you have any Ciate polishes, what do you think of the application?


  1. Thats so pretty its like the NO7 one I bought recently x

  2. I love this color!
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