Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Back to uni spending

A couple of weeks ago I got the medical ok to go back to uni, had to leave in my third year because my rsd went out of remission. I still have a meeting with the top guys at uni about living arrangements and things like that but that's just a formality hopefully so I decided to go shopping to Westfield with my mum to try and get a bit prepared.

I was in a real state because for the past year I have lived in my boyfriends shorts and trackies essentially as they are loose and comfortable. However I don't want to scare my friends and tutors when I'm back so shopping was called for. To give you an idea of how little fun this trip was for my mum and me there were certain rules I had to abide by.

1) Tops must be long enough to wear with leggings (only trousers I can wear apart from trackies!)
2)Dresses and Skirts must be long enough to wear in a wheelchair. (I have a large collection of short skirts and dresses which look indecent in my chair)
3) My natural fussiness and sense or lack of style!

So here we go, I hope the photos are ok, i'm not a brilliant photographer!

  • A lovely folder from paperchase complete with matching pen and pencil and a metal tea tin I'm going to use as a pen holder (best thing is it has ginger biscuits I need to eat first!)
  • New Hairbrush, something I've been putting off for a while and metal nail file

  •  Two nice casual but still smartish tops from H&M

  • Lovely wool dress from the sale rail at Dorothy Perkins

  • Two smartish shirts, one sheer and one a sort of beige.

I also got 5 different colours of vest top but don't think they're that interesting for you to see!

So there we are my back to uni shop, have you done any stocking up recently, I'd like to see?


  1. nice!

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    devorelebeaumonstre.com xx