Friday, 21 September 2012

In praise of my electric wheels

This post isn't going to be for everyone, and thats fair enough, not everyone likes cars and not everyone likes shiny electric chairs.

Lucky for me I have some friends who do, anyone would think we were discussing a car when we were talking about my new chair and what it can do, features etc.

I just love it, its no bigger than a normal chair although it does weigh more, it does 5mph and it means I can go out on my own without fear of exhaustion/ fainting and no one has to push me so it gives that bit of independence back!

 Here is a photo of my and my chair at the paralympics!

Not the most flattering photo I know but the only one I have of me in it so far!


  1. That must be so much easier than trying to hobble around on your crutches or self-propelling a chair! Freedom is a great thing. I am so luck my crps is only in a foot and while I am mostly on crutches and barefoot I can still cope with doing things ok. I am glad winter is ending so at least it won't be so cold- even though the foot is in plaster at the moment it is still a bit cold at times on my bare toes! Has casting your leg been tried? For some reason my foot seems to be much better in plaster.

    1. Yeah I love my chair. I haven't tried that as everyone I spoke to said that can be incredibly detrimental to your crps and even though it feels better in the short term it can be worse for it in the long run

  2. I think they have almost given up on the long term and just going for short term relief! The cast I have been walking around on for 6 weeks comes off tomorrow. I am expecting that for the next month or so I should be able to get around barefoot with a bit of assistance from my crutches and a month after that I will be pretty much on the crutches full time. Six weeks in the cast and being able to walk without crutches has been brilliant.