Saturday, 6 October 2012

My room

As you guys may or may not be aware I've recently moved back to uni to finish my degree, so I thought I'd give you guys a little tour of my room.

(I don't have much storage space so please ignore the little messiness of the place!)

 This is the main storage space in my room, you can see my folders with my work in and on the shelves are all my mugs, books, cooking stuff and of course makeup! The three bears on the shelf are very special, the teddy bear was my dads when he was a baby, the giraffe in the middle my little brother gave to me for going back and Mandeville was given to my by my boyfriend at the paralympics when I met my hero Danielle Brown!
(also you can see my crutches which tend to get dumped anywhere!)

 Here's my bed complete with Primark duvet and baby animal posters. The two bears were also given to me by my boyfriend, the larger one when I was in hospital and the small white one for our first valentines together. Also there is yet more mobility equipment!

 Here we have my very messy desk piled high with work, its nice that its there because there is a beautiful view of the old buildings that make up my univeristy
This is the last side of my room and tis mostly decorative with my bears and ornaments on the shelf.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. hi maddy! you room is so cute!! :) what do you think about following each other? also, i have a giveaway going on, you can win 50€ gift card to shop online on showroomprive, it has great brands :) you can enter here:

    much love,
    hope we can be in touch

  2. Lovely room I love the bears and I love the elephant poster. I love elephants and bears x

    1. Thank you so much, I have a bit of a thing about bears too as you can probably tell and as for baby elephants after watching Planet earth live I just want to adopt them all! x

    2. I know, I cannot actually watch anything with elephants in as I usually end up in tears! I don't know why but they move me. They are the most gracious amazing animals x